Peter Claridge

Peter Claridge Pictures

In my opinion, the only advantage of growing older is gaining experience.. but always remember.. without creativity, the technology is just “Nice to Have!”

After graduating with a BA (Hons) I was lucky enough to have been accepted by the BBC Film Unit at Ealing Studios. It was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me.. and after five years, armed with everything I had learnt, I set off to start my first (of several) companies…

CAL Production Ltd – 1979
Film and Video production

CAL Videographics Ltd – 1982
UK’s first Film & TV CGI company 

CAL Group Ltd -1986
CAL Videographics Ltd – CAL Production – Axis Associates

 Scanline -1986
Co-Founder of Computer Animation Company
Based in Bavaria Film Studios – Munich

Peter Claridge Pictures -1990
Production company – Munich


A selection of my work over the years


A collection of Golden Oldies

Das Boot

The massive techno hit from U96 (Alex Christensen)

Kleine Medicus

Children's CGI animated feature film

XY - My Way

A monthly primetime Police information show

Mike Oldfield

A track from his video album that we made together.

Pure Action

A collection of clips from several TV action series.

Never Too Dark

A Microsoft promotional video.

Making of N.T.D

Behind the scenes.


Videowall for in-store use Worldwide.


An example from one of several primetime TV crime series I directed.

Werner v. Braun

A primetime documentary about "The Rocket Man".

Die Kumpel

Light-hearted TV police series.

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